Professional Wrestling school in New South Wales


House of Free Fighting 135 Bulls Garden Road Gateshead

NEXT TRYOUT: Monday 2nd September 2019

TIME: 7:00pm
LOCATION: WE HAVE MOVED! HOUSE OF FREE FIGHTING 135 Bulls Garden Road, Gateshead (Map below)


  • Hands on training
    Trainers demonstrate moves, sequences and perform drills along with students across a variety of different wrestling styles.

  • No shortage of events
    Newcastle Pro Wrestling has more scheduled live events per year than any other promotion in New South Wales. Ranging from student shows at the House of Free Fighting (House Shows) to larger events at licensed venues. Assisting with, and learning each aspect of the production of our live events is just as crucial to a wrestler's development as the training that happens in the ring.

  • Affiliations with world class promotions
    As well as having a strong working relationship with the highest quality promotions across Australia, Newcastle Pro (in partnership with PWA) is the host for touring promotions such as New Japan Pro Wrestling, Tommy Dreamer's House of Hardcore and World Series Wrestling. These are excellent opportunities for not only our wrestlers, but our trainees have the chance to assist with the production of a nationwide tour and are often granted the opportunity to take part in a seminar with a touring superstar.

  • Investment in talent
    Newcastle Pro Wrestling understands the importance of developing quality talent, and will go the extra mile to invest in their training, such as co-hosting a week of seminars with Sydney's Pro Wrestling Academy run by guest trainer Mike Quackenbush in late 2017.

  • Facilities
    The House of Free Fighting is the largest and most well-equipped learning environment for pro wrestling in New South Wales. As well as a quality, well maintained professional wrestling ring, there are also bathroom facilities, change rooms, gym equipment, and plenty of room for group training drills.

  • Location
    The House of Free Fighting is located at 3/38 Metro Court, Gateshead NSW. Only a seven minute drive from Charlestown Square and Charlestown Bowling Club, it is easy to find, clearly signed and is next door to an F45 Training facility.

  • Team building
    Trainers and students are known to organise occasional group outings to strengthen relationships, encourage cooperation and reward hard work.

  • Price
    Newcastle Pro Wrestling is moderately priced compared to other wrestling schools.

*Lucha Libre (Mexican Wrestling) translates to “Free Fighting”.


  • How old do you need to be?
    The minimum age is 15, though anyone under 18 years of age is required to provide a parent or guardian’s signature.

  • I have no wrestling experience, why am I required to try out?
    The tryout is designed for people with no prior wrestling training. You will not be required to perform any wrestling holds or manoeuvres during the tryout.

  • What is involved in the tryout?
    The tryout involves basic fitness and coordination drills designed to test your athletic ability. You'll be assessed in areas such as strength, endurance, cardiovascular conditioning as well as coachability (how well you hear and apply feedback from the trainers).

  • How can I best prepare for the tryout?
    Training for professional wrestling is unlike any other sport, but an athletic background can be advantageous. The less physically active you are prior to the tryout the more of a shock it will be for your body to adjust to. As you will be assessed on things like cardio, strength, and endurance, spending time at your local gym focussing on those areas (if you aren't already) will help.

  • What do I need to bring to the tryout?
    Wear workout/training apparel, lightweight comfortable shoes suitable for running, a towel, a water bottle and your best attitude.

  • How long does the tryout take?
    Dependant entirely on the size of the group, though generally between one to two hours.

  • I would like to become involved in a non-wrestling role, do I still need to attend the tryout?
    We invite you to attend anyway, as the night will still serve as a fresh induction for all newcomers. We will be able to discuss with you in person what what your goals are and put together a plan of action.

  • I can't make the upcoming tryout, when is the one after that?
    Tryouts are held quarterly, keep an eye on our social media for announcements on the next date.

  • When are the classes?
    Classes are held Monday, Wednesday and Friday evenings for varying skill levels, though extra training can be accommodated.



CLICK HERE for an extensive guide by head trainer Jack Bonza on what to look for when you want to start training in the art of Professional Wrestling.